Bluff Country Family Resources

“Bluff Country Family Resources seeks to create a non-violent world which affirms the rights and dignity of all individuals.”

“BCFR provides community education, and non-judgmental, confidential crisis intervention, advocacy, support, and resources to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and homelessness.”


High Ethical Standards: “Equitable, fair and just in dealing with people that although pragmatically flexible according to situations and times conform to high self-imposed standards and moral behavior.”

Fiscal Responsibility/Cost Effectiveness: “A balanced budget where there is neither a budget deficit nor a budget surplus when revenues equal expenditures.”

Commitment: “Sincere and steadfast fix on purpose, bound to the vision, mission and values of the organization.”

Excellence/Effectiveness: “Possessing the quality to achieve beyond base expectations to take the organization to its full potential.”

Leadership/Visionary: “The ability to influence and enlist in a positive manner the support of others in accomplishing a common task.”

Privacy/Confidentiality/Security: “Commitment to the principle that all information about clients, staff, and board are private and have limits on how and when it can be disclosed to a third party.”

Family Centered: “We assure that the health and well-being of all clients will be conducted in a respectful family—professional partnership, honoring the strengths, cultures, and traditions that everyone brings to the relationship.”

Compassionate: “we have a deep awareness of the challenges and suffering of our clients and we stand ready with energy, skill, and sensitivity to help alleviate them.”